Labor's loony left plan to hurt Queenslanders

The Palaszczuk Government’s so-called carbon plan is nothing more than a blueprint for higher electricity prices and thousands of jobs losses for Queenslanders. LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said Labor’s latest glossy brochures would mean the death of Queensland’s agriculture, construction, manufacturing and resources industries - sectors that provide nearly one in three jobs. “I have never witnessed anything like today during my time in Queensland politics,” Mr Nicholls said. “I am gobsmacked by Labor's emissions policy which pretty much guarantees a carbon tax, billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies and will destroy the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Queenslanders.


“We are already feeling the devastating impact of Labor’s climate change policies in Queensland - wholesale electricity prices have virtually doubled and household electricity bills have risen by more than $120.


“I never thought I'd see a Labor Government so entranced by loony left ideology. This is not a party for blue collar workers.


“How many Queenslanders’ jobs must Labor destroy just to save Jackie Trad’s inner-city Brisbane seat?”


Mr Nicholls said Australia already had a national climate change strategy to implement the Paris Agreement, which the LNP supported. 


“Queensland shouldn’t go it alone, just to appease the loony left of the Labor party,” he said.


“The LNP supports national action on a renewable energy target but not an extreme target that is unfair, unaffordable and unachievable.


“The Palaszczuk Labor government has to stop playing politics with Queensland’s electricity and get behind the national target, which is a sustainable and achievable way to help the environment.


“If Labor's new plan is implemented, Queensland’s soaring electricity prices will be just the tip of the iceberg.”

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