Government statistics don't match how Queenslanders feel

Government statistics hide desperate situation facing Queensland jobseekers and businesses. 30,000 full-time jobs lost in Queensland in 2016, with the number of young Queenslanders in a job falling by 11,500 in past year – worst in the nation. Slight increase in Gross State Product doesn’t even come close to the 4 per cent Labor promised in last budget yet Pitt is claiming victory for coming billions short of his own target. Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson says selected government statistics released to media today hide the true picture facing everyday Queenslanders desperately looking for a job or families struggling to pay their bills.


“Annastacia Palaszczuk might get all warm and fuzzy to hear Gross State Product (GSP) has risen slightly but it doesn’t mean much to a kid trying to find a job in Cairns or in outback Queensland where youth unemployment is over 40 per cent,” Mr Emerson said.


“The slight increase in GSP is considerably less than the 4 per cent Annastacia Palaszczuk promised in the last budget and yet she’s claiming victory for delivering just 2.6 per cent - Labor has come up billions short of its own promise.


“Report after independent report is showing Queensland is falling further and further behind the other states when it comes to economic performance and business confidence.


“Queensland continues to lead the nation in job losses with recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing 30,000 full-time jobs have been lost in Queensland in the past year, while the number of young Queenslanders in a job has fallen by 11,500 in the last year - the worst drop in Australia.


“It’s not only harder to get a job in Queensland, it’s become much harder to do business in Queensland.  Queensland has had more business-related bankruptcies than any other state every single quarter since Labor’s election in 2015.  A third of all business bankruptcies happen in Queensland.


“In just the past month, independent reports from Sensis, the ANZ-Property Council and CommSec – to name just a few – have documented our great state’s sad decline to the bottom of the economic heap.


“The Sensis survey listed the Palaszczuk Government as worst in the nation, the ANZ-Property Council survey showed the Palaszczuk Government is viewed as the worst in the nation and the CommSec State of the States report ranked Queensland fifth on economic performance well behind New South Wales, Victoria and even Tasmania.”


Mr Emerson said everyday Queenslanders would not share Annastacia Palaszczuk and Curtis Pitt’s joy in a small jump in government statistics.


“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is really clutching at straws if they think a few figures on a sheet of paper in George St means anything to Queensland jobseekers and families,” he said.



“The feeling out on the ground in Queensland’s regions and in the suburbs is far from optimistic under this do-nothing government.


"Only the LNP has a plan to focus on six key economic drivers to Build a Better Queensland and deliver the jobs needed to restart our economy.”

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