Labor never learns still spending more than they earn

The Palaszczuk Labor Government is spending more than it earns and debt is continuing to spiral under their incompetent economic management. Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said the release of the Report on State Finances confirmed we are seeing a return to the bad old days of Labor budget blowouts and deficits. “Curtis Pitt has managed to turn a forecast $331 million surplus into a $461 million deficit,” Mr Emerson said. “We now know the Palaszczuk Government has increased the size of the public service by 12,500 positions since coming to office. We also learnt employee expenses grew at almost 8% in just one year.


“In Labor’s first year in office employee expenses grew at more than five times the population rate.


“The last time employee expenses grew by this much was during the bad old days of Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser.”


Mr Emerson said the Palaszczuk Labor Government has also slashed infrastructure spending by more than 11 per cent, or almost $1 billion, in just one year.


“Over the next four years infrastructure cuts are set to total more than $2 billion,” he said.


“Labor has even failed to meet one of its fiscal principles that is there to ensure Queenslanders don’t get taxed even more than they should.


“This report illustrates why Labor can’t be trusted to sustainably manage the Queensland budget or grow the state’s economy.


“Queenslanders deserve better than a do-nothing Labor Government with no economic plan for state.”


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