Labor's Jobs Queensland swindle exposed

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s much-hyped Jobs Queensland initiative has failed to create a single full-time job despite being announced more than a year ago. Labor’s $40 million taxpayer-funded employment initiative has been an abject and complete failure. It has been revealed only $850,000 has been spent on nothing more than a secretariat and not achieved a single thing in more than a year, while the Attorney-General has admitted the Job Queensland Chairperson had not been appointed through the merit-based process the Palaszczuk Government promised for all Government boards.


The only jobs created under the Palaszczuk Government’s Jobs Queensland banner are for a bunch of highly-paid bureaucrats to sit around in Ipswich and think about the best way to move forward.

Labor’s Jobs Queensland has become a white elephant and a laughing stock within the business community. It’s all talk and definitely no action.


Minister D’Ath should be embarrassed the government’s number one employment initiative and election promise had fallen at the first hurdle.


Ms D’Ath’s responsibilities are obviously too big, she is bungling things and it has been proven she has not been able to manage her large portfolio.


The LNP had a realistic jobs and training initiative which would see young Queenslanders gain real employment.


Our ‘Get Queensland Working’ initiative will see up to 20,000 young Queenslanders in jobs, encourage apprentices to finish their training and offer incentives for employers to train and retain workers.


Our realistic plan also includes support for Queensland tradies over four years by contributing $500 towards new tools for apprentices upon completion of their training.


We understand the costs young tradies face when they start work, but we are committed to easing the burden on them.


Labor promised to create jobs for Queenslanders but once again the con has been exposed.

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