Labor attempts to hide ballooning bureaucracy

The State Opposition has called on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to come clean on public servant numbers after it was caught out changing the way it counts its ballooning bureaucracy to avoid scrutiny. In typical Labor fashion, the government had attempted a cover up on how much its complete mismanagement of the state’s finances was costing Queenslanders. The Palaszczuk Government has taken Queenslanders for fools by trying to hide its massive increase in public servant numbers.


This looks very much like an attempt to conceal Labor’s ballooning public servant numbers.


It has already been revealed in this budget that public service expenses grew at almost six times the population rate in the current year, and for next year public service numbers are forecast to grow at almost twice the population rate.


Now we're seeing the government trying to rig the numbers by changing the way public servant numbers are calculated.


Since Labor delivered its last budget 20,000 full-time jobs had been lost in Queensland, youth unemployment has sky-rocketed in cities like Cairns and Townsville, but the government’s only plan for jobs was to create more for public servants.


It is the same bad old Labor, living beyond its means and expecting Queenslanders to pick up the tab.


Key facts:

Labor’s growth in public servants will cost Queenslander’s more than $3 billion Employee expenses have jumped a whopping 7% in this year's Budget


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