Where is Labor's money to manage Springvale Station?

The LNP Opposition has called for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to outline its management plans for Springvale Station near Cooktown following its $7 million purchase this week by the State Government. Labor has a poor record of expanding the area of land under national park but failing to allocate sufficient funds to manage it. Labor has spent $7 million of taxpayers money to buy Springvale Station for conservation purposes but hasn’t provided any detail on how it will rehabilitate the country to decrease sediment runoff, or how it will control pests and weeds.


All Queenslanders want to see the Great Barrier Reef protected for future generations, but that won’t be achieved by simply buying up a property and locking it up..


Minister Steven Miles needs to explain his plans to rehabilitate Springvale, what the costs will be, what money has been allocated and under what timelines.


Far too often Labor makes these decision to win green votes, and then grossly under-resources the management of these properties causing big problems for neighbouring landholders.


Rural groups like AgForce have already expressed concerns about this purchase and is asking how much money has been set aside for its management – the LNP shares its concerns.


The purchase of Springvale Station and all other land for environmental purposes must be backed up by proper planning to ensure conservation goals are met.


Queenslanders need to see active management of our National Parks to ensure the money invested on their behalf actually achieves the conservation and environmental outcomes promised by Labor.


A simplistic ‘hands off, lock it up approach’ more often than not leads to poorer environmental outcomes with respect to weed outbreaks and pest explosions.


Labor's one dimensional, short sighted approach might please green supporters, but outbreaks of feral pigs and weeds will ultimately threaten our native wildlife.

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