LNP modernises planning reform, Labor stuck in yesteryear

Parliament has passed the LNP’s reforms to Queensland’s planning system which will boost the state’s economic activity while also balancing environmental outcomes. Shadow Planning Minister Ian Walker said while the changes has come about after four years of consultation, started by the LNP, the Palaszczuk Labor Government refused to support practical reforms to modernise planning in Queensland.

“What we saw in the Parliament was a laughable attempt by Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to oppose some of the LNP’s sensible changes to modernise Queensland’s planning system,” Mr Walker said.

“The terminology in regards to ‘code’ and ‘impact’ assessment is outdated but Labor would not support changes to clarify the terms, claiming that it was too hard to change something that was introduced 20 years ago.

“Deputy Premier Trad’s excuse is laughable, it’s like saying ‘don’t buy a car because a horse and cart will do’.”

Mr Walker said the consultation process for the planning reforms started under the previous LNP Government and found the former Sustainable Planning Act was long, complex and unresponsive, resulting in an over-regulated system that stifles, instead of facilitating development.

“The changes to planning laws that have gone through the Parliament will simplify the development process and provide certainty for councils, developers and the community,” he said.

“The bipartisan reforms passed by the Parliament are the culmination of the LNP’s consultation with interested stakeholders, local government and community representatives.

“This continues the significant achievements of the LNP in making Queensland’s planning system the best in Australia including the introduction of the State Planning Policy and the State Assessment and Referral Agency both of which won national Planning Institute of Australia awards.”

Key Facts:

  • The new Planning Act replaces the previous Sustainable Planning Act.

  • The consultation process on these changes were begun by the LNP in 2012

  • The LNP also introduced the State Planning Policy and the award-winning State Assessment and Referral Agency

  • Reforms to Queensland’s planning laws adopted by Parliament

  • Process to modernise planning started in 2012 under previous LNP Government

  • Palaszczuk Labor Government refuses practical reforms ‘because it’s too hard’

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