Fighting for property rights - Hansard 17 March 2016

Secure property rights are an essential element for economic growth, investment and jobs. Protecting property rights has been a central part of my political identity ever since I have been in politics. I have fought to protect the property rights of Queensland, both rural and urban Queenslanders, in the planning reforms that we brought in and in opposing a number of pieces of legislation that the Labor Party has introduced into this House. We saw that again tonight. After watching that debacle – it will impact on the private property rights of every property owner in my electorate - I am tonight committing myself totally to ridding this chamber of this Labor government.


Tonight I can advise the House that I will not be participating in the LNP preselection for Wide Bay. I will continue to fight for Queensland landowners, as I have done over the last 15 years, to restore the secure property rights that are needed for them to invest in and to create the economic growth that is important to Queensland.


I believe that all political parties should facilitate a pathway for state MPs to make a transition to federal politics. I wish my colleague the member for Toowoomba South the very best in his efforts to do that. It has to be a benefit for our whole body politic if individuals can enter politics at a local government level, transition to state government and then go on to serve in federal parliament. Our nation's federal parliament would be better served if more members on all sides of politics had an opportunity to serve an apprenticeship, so to speak, in state parliaments such as this.


In contrast, the Labor Party use this parliament as a dumping ground for their federal failures in the members for Redcliffe and Ferny Grove. Those two members are part of this government that tonight threatens the secure property rights of Queenslanders. They are part of this government that I commit myself tonight to working towards getting rid of. I will play whatever role is asked of me in Lawrence Springborg's team to ensure we have an LNP government after the next election, whenever that is—whenever the rapidly deteriorating situation in this House brings about the next election. I want to be part of the effort to get rid of this do-nothing, say-nothing, be-nothing Labor government, because the damage that they are doing to Queensland is reminiscent of the damage that was done by Labor governments over the years that preceded them. This government has the same form. We saw that same form in the House tonight and it is something that I will fight against every day in the future.

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