Labor set to tax state school education

A leaked discussion paper has uncovered a secret plan by the Palaszczuk Labor Government to tax state school education in Queensland. The document titled Queensland Economic Action Plan outlines ‘refinements’ to the state’s current school system that include ‘co-payments for high income families’. Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said the Palaszczuk Labor Government would be effectively slugging Queensland families with an education tax in order to pay for its own budget failings.


“Labor has clearly run out of options. They’ve raided the super and long service leave of government employees and they’ve lumped billions of dollars’ worth of debt on our energy companies but as we all know, they still aren’t paying down the debt,” Mr Springborg said.


“Now it has become clear how Labor will pay for the Gold Coast Light Rail extension, the Townsville Stadium and continuing to keep the lights on; by putting a tax on free education.


“Annastacia Palaszczuk went to the election promising that it could do everything without selling assets, cutting services or increasing taxes, now we all know that was make believe.


“The Premier can try and hide from this all she wants, by taking holidays during Estimates and having her Deputy clean up her mess, but she cannot hide from the fact that before she was elected she made Queenslanders a promise and it’s a promise she has failed to keep.”


Shadow Education Minister Tim Mander said the last thing Queensland families needed was a taxed public education system.


“Every Queensland child deserves a free education,” Mr Mander said.


“Under the LNP, the percentage share of state school enrolments increased for the first time in more than a decade. This is because LNP had a plan for education that went beyond pandering to self-interested union bosses.


“Means testing state schools would simply take us back to the bad old days of a state education system crumbling under Labor’s incompetence. That’s not what Queenslanders voted for.”


Mr Springborg said it was no surprise that Annastacia Palaszczuk and Kate Jones were involved in the policy, considering both of them sat around the cabinet table when the Bligh Government hatched a secret plan to sell assets behind Queenslanders’ backs. 


“The LNP took a comprehensive plan to the people of Queensland. Despite the risks, we were open and honest about how we would fund infrastructure, create jobs, pay down debt and get our Triple A credit rating back,” he said.


“Labor did the opposite, they didn’t level with Queenslanders. 


“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk poured honey in the ears of Queenslanders and now we’ve all woken up and realised it was all a made-up.


“Queenslanders deserve better than that.” 

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