Labor threatens integrity of Health Boards

The Palaszczuk Labor Government is gearing up for its latest attack on the health system after reports doctors will be replaced with union bosses on Queensland’s Hospital Boards. Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle said Hospital and health boards must be independent to ensure decisions are in the best interests of Queensland patients. “ The Boards are comprised of local people with local knowledge. Under the LNP, we introduced a policy dictating all boards must have one doctor and one nurse. “Feedback from health staff reveal Labor plans to use unions as its main ‘governing’ body with the boards no longer being independent and merely a partner.


“This revelation will cause outrage in Queensland communities and is nothing more than a blatant political move threatening the integrity and independence of the boards.


“It also demonstrates how far-reaching the unfettered power union bosses have over Labor Ministers.”


Mr McArdle said these latest reports follow on from an already questionable decision made by the Health Minister.


“Only a few weeks ago, the Minister chose not to reinstate a doctor on the Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services Board,” he said.


“This makes Central Queensland the only health board in Queensland without a doctor as a member.


“Now it seems the Minister, under the guidance of his union mates, wants total total control over the decisions each hospital board makes.


“The Health Minister has put the demands of his union bosses ahead of what is best for Queensland patients.”


Mr McArdle said it is crucial Health Boards have the right mix of medical and clinical knowledge.


“Any move to remove vital expertise from health boards is fraught with danger for patients,” he said.


“Queenslanders didn’t vote for this.”

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