Budget debate: Strong plan vs no plan

This week’s debate on the Budget in State Parliament showed yet again that only the Newman Government has a strong plan for a brighter future for Queensland. Treasurer Tim Nicholls said the Government had clearly articulated its plan while the Opposition had offered no new ideas.  “The Government has put forward a budget that carefully balances increased funding for health, education and community services, without the introduction of any new taxes or reductions in services,” Mr Nicholls said. “We are delivering on our promise to revitalise frontline services for Queenslanders. 

“We’ve also detailed our plan to reduce the State’s $80 billion debt through a series of asset transactions. 

“This is the strongest and smartest choice for reducing our debt and funding the future schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructure for a growing state. 

“We’ve put forward a plan to reduce debt by $25 billion and introduce the Strong Choices Investment Program - $8.6 billion of investment for hospitals, roads, public transport, schools, research and innovation.” 

Mr Nicholls said this was in stark contrast to the Labor Opposition which had offered no new ideas during the budget debate. 

“Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor have told us nothing about how they plan to grow the State’s economy, nothing about how they will reduce the debt they racked up over their last decade in office,” he said. 

“Labor has failed to articulate a plan or provide any vision for our State. 

“The budget debate has made it very clear that only the Government has a vision for a brighter future for our State. 

“We have made the strongest and smartest choice to reduce debt. 

“Not everyone will agree with the plan we have outlined but at least Queenslanders will know we have funding certainty into the future so we can invest in what we need for a growing and ageing population.” 

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