Funding Announcements

Successful applications – Round 92 - Gambling Community Benefit Fund


Biloela Bowls Club $20,411.60 to purchase solar system

Biloela Rugby Union Club $35,000 to upgrade lighting

Boondooma Dam Fish Stocking Association $20,000 to construct a shelter

Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation $5,240 to purchase equipment

Callide Dawson Clay Target Club $$17,000 to purchase equipment and tractor

Durong Bowls Club $24,400 to paint clubhouse

Gayndah Show Society $30,000 to upgrade electrical system

Gayndah QCWA $18,000 to repair roof

Gin Gin Theatrical Society $2,673.94 to purchase costumes and scenery frames

Gin Gin State Emergency Service $10,000 to upgrade facility

Greycliffe Social Club $34,925 to upgrade courts

Kilkivan Veteran’s and Community Men’s Shed Association $33,767 to upgrade facility

Mundubbera Junior Cricket Association $20,671 to upgrade facility

Murgon Bowls Club $27,200 to purchase water tank

Theodore Sport & Recreation Association $35,000 to extend amenities block

Wondai Woodworkers $6,326 to purchase equipment


Successful applications – Round 91 - Gambling Community Benefit Fund


Baralaba Golf Club - $15,000 to install sprinkler, pump & purchase mower


Barambah Local Justice Group - $7,539 to install server & purchase office IT equipment


Biggenden Golf Club - $15,000 to upgrade kitchen


Biggenden Branch QCWA - $24,874.30 to upgrade facility


Biloela Community Preschool & Kindy - $22,500 to fitout shed and construct laundry


Booubyjan Hall & Community Centre - $8,789 to install shade structure


Burnett Region Pony Clubs - $6,300 to purchase laptop and printer


Callide Dawson Pistol Club - $18,400 to remove asbestos and re-sheet club buildings


Central Qld Gliding Club - $6,160 to lay concrete slab for existing structure


Dallarnil Sports Club - $33,700 to install water tanks


Dallarnil School P & C - $10,929 to purchase audio visual equipment


Eidsvold Horse & Pony Club - $34,998 to build clubhouse


Excelcare Australia - $35,000 to purchase equipment, fitout shed, garden and install solar


Gayndah Community Kindergarted - $15,000 to construct deck & shade shelter


Gin Gin Community Broadcasters - $35,000 to install roofing


Goomeri Pumpkin Festival - $16,000 to purchase outdoor furniture & marquee


Jinjinburra Aboriginal Corporation - $21,830 to upgrade facility, purchase trailer, equipment & courses


Kilkivan State School - $35,000 to upgrade multipurpose courts


Moura & District Golf Club - $23,750 to purchase equipment


Murgon Lions Club - $35,000 to purchase BBQ trailer


Paradise Stocking Association - $30,900 to install shed and electricity


South Burnett Mountain Bike Club - $14,779.99 to purchase equipment


Taroom & District Historical Society - $35,000 to upgrade facility


Thangool State School P &C - $35,000 to upgrade facility


Theodore Bowls Club - $34,039.27 to upgrade facility


Widgee District Fire Brigade - $13,000 to attach annex to shed


Wowan Bowls Club - $35,000 to upgrade kitchen




Successful applications Round 90 – Gambling Community Benefit Fund


Banana SES Unit $11,189.09 to purchase body tray for vehicle

Baralaba SES Group $11,189.09 to purchase vehicle tray

Callide Valley Agricultural Pastoral Society $31,818.18 to refurbish amenities block

Callide Valley Native Fish Stocking Ass $24,800 to restock fingerlings

Callide Valley Tennis Ass $28,627.50 to install soft-fall

Cherbourg Historical Precinct Group Inc $10,000 to purchase IT equipment

Cherbourg State School $31,818.18 to install playground & rotunda

Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Inc $35,000 to connect electricity to railway carriages

Gayndah Men’s Shed $13,560 to purchase equipment & install solar

Goomeri SES Support Group $13,498.64 to purchase equipment & defibrillator

Mundubbera Life Care $18,818.18 to purchase container & equipment

Mundubbera & District Historical Society Inc $35,000 to relocate shed

Mundubbera Kindergarten Ass Inc $9,044.54 to purchase IT equipment and toys

Mundubbera RSL Branch $22,150.50 to construct shed

Proston SES Support Group $12,135 to purchase equipment & defibrillator

Proston Scout Group $21,181.82 to upgrade facilities

South Burnett First Aid Volunteers $18,462.27 to purchase equipment

South Kolan Rural Fire Brigade $31,818.18 to construct shed

Tansey Tennis Club $21,218.60 to upgrade facility & purchase equipment

Thangool & District Advancement Sporting & Recreation Ass $35,000 to install solar

Theodore SES Group $12,229.09 to purchase vehicle tray

Wondai & District Band Ass Inc $15,439.82 to purchase medical equipment

Wondai & District Cricket Club Inc $24,000 to purchase portable grandstand

Wondai Country Club Inc $18,181.82 to purchase mower

Wondai SES Support Group $12,135 to purchase CPR manikins & defibrillator

Woolooga School P & C Ass $13,000 to upgrade facility

Wowan SES Group $12,229.09 to purchase vehicle tray

Wowan Hack & Pony Club Inc $29,326.96 to purchase equipment


Successful applications – Round 5 of Get Playing Places and Spaces 


Monto District Tennis Ass - $100,000 towards upgrade of lighting and replacement of court surfaces


Murgon and District Tennis Ass - $100,000 towards upgrade of lighting and replacement of court surfaces


Biloela Junior Cricket Ass - $64,526 towards construction of 4 practice nets


Banana Shire Council - $55,040 towards upgrade of skate park at Moura



Successful applications – Round 5 of Get Going Clubs


Gayndah Horse & Pony Club - $7,634 to train and mentor instructors & purchase portable training area


Taroom Tennis Club - $3,261 to purchase equipment including a ball machine


 Mundubbera Bowls Club - $6,314 to purchase equipment including movable scoreboards


Bundaberg Rowing Club - $7,500 to purchase rowing egros at Bucca


Murgon PCYC - $7,500 to deliver fitness instructor training programs, provide level 1 boxing instructor accreditation and purchase trampolines


Monto Bowls Club - $7,500 to purchase three phase electric motor


Callide Dawson Pistol Club - $7,465 to purchase firearms


Biloela Junior Rugby League Club - $5,792 to purchase tackling equipment


Durong Bowls Club - $6,950 to purchase bowls and portable scoreboards


Biggenden Golf Club - $6,700 to purchase ride on mower


Gambling Community Benefit Fund – Round 89

Biloela Bowls Club $16,381.62 to upgrade cold rooms

Biloela Wahroonga Retirement Village $24,312.73 to construct vegetable garden

Gayndah Horse and Pony Club $11,088 to construct covered area

Gin Gin & District Pony Club $35,000 to purchase tractor & accessories

Jambin Primary School P & C $35,000 to upgrade facility

Moffatdale Primary School P & C $29,302 to purchase BBQ trailer and equipment

Moura Coal & Country Festival $1,884.18 to purchase IT equipment

Moura Bowls Club $31,818.18 to install solar system & upgrade lighting

North Burnett Landcare Group $31,727.27 to purchase tractor

Taroom Kindergarten Association $18,970 to purchase synthetic soft-fall

Wondai Lions Club $12,513.14to install solar panels & meters

Wowan & District Progress & Cultural Society $34,615.90 to install access ramp and steps

Wowan State School P & C $30,133.46 to upgrade oval


Gambling Community Benefit Fund – Round 88


Biloela Branch Little Athletics Centre $27,970.63 to purchase equipment

Binjour Bowls Club $8,999 to install solar system

Biloela Valleys Football Club $35,000 to construct storage shed

Callide Valley Touch Association $3,269.09 to upgrade electrical switchboard

Dalar Diabetes and Renal Support Group $10,438.70 to conduct health events

Eidsvold Kindergarten Ass $25,227.27 to purchase equipment

Gin Gin Kindergarten Ass $14,007.45 to install shade structure over swings

Juandah Heritage Society $15,818.18 to purchase mower

Manumbar Campdraft and Hall Ass $27,500 to purchase canteen fittings and fixtures

Monto and District Historical Society $35,000 to relocate building

Moura Amateur Swimming Club $15,193.01 to purchase lane ropes

Mundubbera Girl Guides $29,036.37 to upgrade facility

Mundubbera Rugby League Football $25,700 to upgrade facility

South Burnett Educational Wildlife $10,755 to purchase equipment

Theodore Show Society $7,000 for event entertainment fees 2017 Show 


I am very pleased to support applications for funding by organisations striving to enhance their communities. For groups to improve their chances of being successful I recommend that they seek funding from a number of sources and that projects are placed in order of priority. 

It is important to remember that funding bodies receive many worthy applications from organisations in all electorates and for groups to be successful they need to show how their project will benefit the wider community. 

I commend these organisations for their initiative in applying for funding and congratulate them on their success.  Those groups who were not successful on this occasion may be considered in the next round of funding and I would wish them all the best in these endeavours. 

Please do not hesitate to contact my office for assistance with funding applications.